About Us

The speech of our management

First of all, we thank Almighty God for granting us the grace to complete this great industrial building.

Since 2012, under the aegis of "Al-Rabeea Holding", our sandwich panel manufacturing brand presents itself : "Al-Najah Sandwich Panel" which includes sandwich panel products and its accessories ...

We started the journey with our factory in the Wadi Al Rabeea area of Tripoli, where we are based, and where we have established our production lines under the supervision of experts specializing in the manufacture of high quality insulation boards.

Today, in our facilities, sandwich panels are manu-factured according to international quality standards and, thanks to our R&D team, we offer fast and efficient solutions to the needs of our customers.The "Al-Najah" factory is located in the city of Tripo-li - Wadi Al-Rabea region - Libya, covering an area of 40,000 square meters.

The factory operates according to the latest techno-logies in the world. We produce all types of insula-tion panels with automation with a productivity of up to 12 square meters per minute as well as the latest lines for the production of accessories related to sandwich panels while ensuring superior production quality.

Under the supervision of a team of experts in the field, they provide the basic elements necessary for the production process, quality improvement and research and development, the production capacity is 5,000 square meters of sandwich panel per day, characterized by high quality and accor-ding to international specifications and customer requirements.

We manufacture our products on our land and with our weapons and expertise, and we proudly develop them throughout Libya, and work to open up new regional markets, in neighboring and Arab countries.

We strive to do an irreproachable job, in terms of quality, punctuality, and are happy to satisfy our customers and their growing confidence in us.As leaders of Al-Najah Sandwich Panels Company, we work to provide world class service to our customers.